Peace Garden Work Rally

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Valley City, N.D. Article

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From the Region 7 President


The Region 7 rally season is in full swing. The North Dakota Peace Garden unit has a rally scheduled for June, July and August. Wisconsin has the Cherry Picking Rally in July, the 1800s Lake Superior Frontier History Rally in August. They also have a caravan in June to the Salem International Rally. I will also be leading a tag-along caravan to Salem. The Minnesota Tech Rally, in conjunction with the Airstream Park in Clear Lake MN, will be held in July.

The plans for the International Rally are really shaping up. The musical acts are diverse and will be very entertaining. Don Thomson has the Region 7 rally ready to go.

You can get more info on all of these events, and others, by going to the WBCCI calendar.

This will be the last of theses articles for me to write. I have to thank a number of people. The first is my wife Kathy. She has kept me to task for the last couple of years. Dick Hedquist who handled the check book for me and Bob Manak for all the web work as well as the other committee folks. The Region VPs, Don Thomson and Jane Carmichael, have been up to any task I have asked them to take on. The Region will be in good hands. (We will have an open position starting July.) The last people to thank are all the Region 7 presidents that preceded me. I owe them for blazing a trail and giving guidance.

Accepting the Region 7 position has given us the opportunity to meet and become friends with many, many folks from around the USA and Canada. It was also gratifying to work with these folks to help craft the future direction of the WBCCI. It was a great experience that I will always remember.

Which brings me to the famous line…….
…………. parting is such sweet sorrow..
As Always…Travel Safe
……………..and thanks

Pete Yanke
Soon to be Region 7 Immediate Past President.

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From the Region 7 President


WBCCI….the Wally Byum Caravan Club International.  The operative word in that title is caravan. Yes we are an Airstream exclusive organization. The early caravans were not so exclusive. When you tell people that you belong to the WBCCI you can get some funny looks. Then you tell them it’s the Airstream club and they understand. With that in mind we have adopted the name of the Wally Byum Airstream Club or WBAC. 

Even though caravan is not part of our identifier it is still a big part of our identity. You get to travel the country with old friends and make new ones. It does not matter if the it is a two day caravan of a three month caravan. The same thoughts apply. It is the adventure of the unknown. It is as close to being a pioneer as most of us will get. You get to explore new places and experiences. Try new foods. Hear new music and stories. 

I am writing this as we are parked in a campground in Abbeville, LA.  We are on the Cajun Country Caravan. Again, we are with some old friends and a bunch of new friends. It seems like we have known these people for a lifetime. This is our first national caravan. We have done a number of unit and regional caravans. The outcome is exactly the same. You have a good time.

The purpose of all this is to get you to try a caravan. Any caravan. We found out early on that we really enjoyed the caravan part of the WBCCI. We enjoy rallies, don’t get me wrong. It is impressive to see a group of Airstream units parked together. It is just as impressive to see a string of them going down the hiway.

As we move to the summer months go try a caravan. There are a number of them headed to the International rally in Salem OR. Look for a local caravan. Find one headed to a region rally. Let them wheels roll. 

As the Cajuns say…”Lasez le bon temps roulet” or “Let the good times roll”.

As always………Travel safe

Pete Yanke, Region 7 President

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Heritage Days Rally

August 28, 2018 – September 2, 2018
Region 7 “Heritage Days” Rally at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds, Fargo, North Dakota
Information to view and download:





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From the Region 7 President


The IBT has come and gone. You could say it was somewhat of a circus, in a good way. We completed the tasks before us and set up another list to tackle. The Region 3 folks did an outstanding job putting together the rally. The weather cooperated, the facility was good and the food was great. We were even entertained two evenings by a family that has been in the circus business for eight generations. The 2019 IBT rally will be on the gulf coast of Alabama. I have always been a proponent of this rally as it gives members good access to the decision makers of the club.

There were a number of unit name changes, flag changes, and unit badges approved. There were also changes made to the model unit constitution contained in Blue Book. The changes made reflect what some units are actually doing. If your unit is in the process of certifying your C&BL, and you are using the model as a starting point, please review the new model before submitting. Remember, any changes to your C&BL has to be voted on by your members.

There will be a motion on the floor at the delegates meeting in Salem. The current timing of the IBT meetings are set in stone. They have to be just before and just after the International Rally. The proposed motion will ease that restriction and allow the president to possibly schedule the meetings during the rally. This may allow the members a better opportunity to observe the workings of the IBT. Please discuss with other members and have your delegate ready to vote.

Two new special committees were formed to hopefully help make region officer positions a little less demanding in regards to time and duration. One is to look at shortening the overall number of years to complete a region term. The second is to look at using electronic communication to attend meetings when travel is not practical.

On to other matters…..

The camping season should almost be upon us. The winter parties are coming to a completion. Look at the WBCCI calendar to find out what is going on. If you don’t have your events listed on the calendar, get them out there. If you don’t tell Jackson Center about your event, they can’t tell the world.   Wisconsin and Minnesota have a St Patty’s day party in March. The Wisconsin Easter Rally is the end of March. We will spend most of the month on the Cajun Caravan and are really looking forward to the experience.

Get out there and enjoy your trailer or motorhome.

As always……….travel safe

Pete Yanke, Region 7 President


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From the Region 7 President


Winter has come to Region 7. There is hope during this time of hibernation. As I was driving home on the eve of the winter solstice the snow started to fall. I spied a line of RVs waiting to get into the local civic center. Someone was going to be dreaming and planning of what that summer camping season will bring. They are no different than most of the members of our units.

We have an advantage. We go out and socialize with our unit members or other WBCCI members we have met. We talk about our plans for upcoming season. The rallies, caravans and parties. Unit Christmas parties have come and gone. Some of us will hunker down for the duration. Others are lucky enough to be off to warmer climates. No matter if you are here or there check the web-site calendar or the Blue Beret for upcoming gatherings. Remember, as part of the WBCCI you are welcome at any function. Go meet some new friends.

With the coming of the new year there are RV shows all around the country. I know that we will be attending and helping out our local dealer at the Minneapolis show. We don’t sell, just talk about the joys, and some frustrations, we have with the RVing experience. Check into doing the same for your local dealer.

Registration is still available for the International in Salem. Check the web-site as additional hook-up sites do become available.

Plans are moving ahead for the Region 7 rally in August. Don Thomson will be having more

information in the near future. As Always………Travel Safe

Pete Yanke, President Region 7

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2018 Region 7 Rally

August 28, 2018 – September 2, 2018
The West Fargo Fairgrounds, West Fargo, North Dakota

Includes a tour of the Bonanzaville Pioneer Village (located adjacent to Fairgrounds) and two days at the “Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion” in Rollag, MN.

Download information 2018-R7-Rally-Information.pdf

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‘Roads to Escanaba’

Join us for the Region 7 Caravan R-284 – ‘Roads to Escanaba’.  Kick off at the MN Airstream Park July 10 and ending at the International Rally on July 21.  Enjoy the ‘Yoopers’ country sights with friends.  Not attending International Rally?  No problem, join us anyway.  Caravan fee $550.00 per unit/ 2 people.  Call or email Linda Agre 320-295-1117 or
Download form R7-2017-Caravan-Registration-Form.pdf

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From the Region 7 President

As I look at the unit calendars I see a host of up-coming events. The camping season is upon us. Take a look at the region/unit websites to find a rally that fits your style. It is also time for the unit spring business meetings. You will need to elect a member to act as the delegate at the International Rally. There will be a number of things for the unit presidents to do to get ready for the International rally. Headquarters will be corresponding with you.

All the pieces for the 2017 Region 7 Rally are falling in place. A registration coupon is available on the Region7 website and in the Blue Beret. (Click tab in top row) We will be camping at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds June 5th thru 11th. It is a short registration window. They need to be received by May 1st. Do not delay. Registration coupon is attached.

St. Paul in the late 1920s and early 1930s was known as a “‘crooks’ haven”—a place for gangsters, bank robbers, and bootleggers from all over the Midwest to run their operations or to hide from the FBI. The concentration of local organized crime activity prompted reformers and crime reporters to call for a “cleanup” of the city in the mid-1930s.

St. Paul earned its reputation as the “sanctuary for criminals” in the Midwest with the help of corrupt politicians and police chiefs who agreed to turn a blind eye to gangsters’ underground activities, which included smuggling, racketeering, and gambling.

We will explore the Wabasha Street caves and see the finished caves (once a romantic night club called The Castle Royal). Hear the legends of the mobster massacres and ghostly lore in the most unique setting from Chicago to San Francisco. We will also take a guided motor coach tour led by a nefarious gangster hood or his moll. Explore with us the sites of nightclubs, kidnappings, and gun battles associated with the 1930’s gangsters like John Dillinger, Ma Barker and Babyface Nelson.

We will also see where some of them were brought to justice. Imagine that you’re living in St. Paul’s tumultuous era of prohibition and gangsters. As costumed guides who adopt the personae of the infamous gangsters who resided in St. Paul during the 1930s and whose path took them (perhaps unwillingly) into the Federal Court House (now Landmark Center). Guides tell of their “lives as gangsters” and how the criminal justice system functioned during that era.

A luncheon cruise on the Mississippi to take in the beautiful sites along this historically narrated cruise, which travels through the Ford Lock and Dam – Lock #1, from St. Paul into Minneapolis and returning to Harriet Island. Delight in live Dixieland music while you feast on a buffet of BBQ chicken, pulled pork with buns, green chili cheddar corn bread, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon wedges, cookies and coffee that is sure to leave you satisfied.
The Minnesota State Capital has just completed huge remodeling project and we will get a tour.

Kathy and I have learned that when we attend an event the best thing we can bring is a good attitude.

Pete Yanke, Region 7 President

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